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Storytelling Over Sales Pitches: The Human-to-Human Marketing Strategy That Can Save the World.

Why sharing your purpose is more effective than the sales pitches you're "supposed" to be doing.

Today, after dropping off my son at school, I sat at my desk ready to dive into my second job (this passion project of mine!) for the hour I have every morning before starting my real job as a UX Designer for an eCommerce store.

I have a long ass list of things I want to do and updates I need to make, but today, I felt frozen. I couldn't figure out where to start or what to do. I felt helpless and purposeless.

"What am I even doing?" that damn voice popped back in again. "Look at this, I don't even know what I'm doing... I should just give up."

I stepped away made a coffee and scrolled through Instagram. Luckily, I've set my Insta feed up as a safety net for my entrepreneurial spirit, and one post, in particular, stood out. I'm going to highlight it, below because it's exactly the value system I want (and try) to bring to RebelSoul and this person leads by example here. They are also doing a really cool thing helping people how to sell with storytelling, so check them out at

"...And there I was, selling by being someone else (salesman) instead of being myself (storyteller). While actually, the reason why we hit our first big success was because we were being ourselves and doing what we believe: storytelling marketing. No wonder why I felt lost in this business. Because it wasn’t run by its true core belief."


I often get caught up in the feeds of the "Gurus" who are making millions of dollars, seemingly easily. It's easy to wonder if you should boycott everything you've been doing and go that route. But, every single time I dive into their templates or suggestions, I get super turned off. They all look the same, the same process with similar copy. I am always left feeling nauseated.

I don't want that for myself and I don't want that for you! In fact, I reject it.

I explore human behavior for my day job and I know we all navigate the world from similar, innate patterns. However, I also believe we are all deeply intuitive and can sniff out inauthenticity like a fire. Traditional marketing speaks to those innate behaviors in an attempt to use them whereas storytelling speaks to them authentically.

I fell upon Tad Hargrave from Marketing for Hippies, inadvertently. Similar to Hellostorytale, his story just resonated. Was I sick of unethical marketing practices? YES! Did I want to use them in my own business? HELL NO! Did I believe deeply that there was another way to do this? Definitely. Tad helped me find that way. I can't express enough how much he shows you value and how genuine his business model and content feel. I binged his YouTube videos and his website content for HOURS upon hours and have pages of notes. Nearly everything he said was insightful, remarkable, and helpful. No pushy upsells, recommendations, and guidance only. And it worked. After binging his free content, I purchased some of his additional resources as well without second-guessing it at all. Not only that, but I felt GOOD knowing he was benefiting from my purchase. He brought me so much value for free, that I wanted to return the favor.

Amanda at Hellostorytale and Tad Hargrave at Marketing for Hippies are onto something. It's about connecting to your audience through your story. If your story resonates, you are likely a good fit for them, bring value to them, and they will likely purchase and be a loyal consumer of your knowledge and services. As long as people feel valued and like they are getting value, they will keep coming back. It's that simple!

So, hopefully, this post inspires you to keep moving forward with integrity, with your purpose, and connecting with your audience in an authentic way. Don't worry about the rest, it will follow!

Seriously, visit these sites and binge on their content! You will not regret it. These are not affiliate links, I receive nothing from recommending them, I just purely love what they are doing and want to spread that love!

Let's upend the digital marketing world together!



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