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How to focus (5 things that work)

In an increasingly distracted world, reigning in the noise can be everything

I’m notorious for skimming information and can sometimes miss details. Normally, I don’t mind because I tend to get the gist of things quickly. But sometimes, I do miss important points. When I do, it’s usually because the effort it takes me to focus to that minute degree feels unachievable and extremely difficult. Especially if it’s at 2 pm in the afternoon on a Friday.

I’m such a high-level problem solver that it takes a lot for me to quiet my brain and be utterly present in my body long enough to stare at long sentences for minutes on end without drifting off into Lala land again.

Also, my phone distracts the hell out of me.

When I have projects that demand an extreme level of focus, which I do often, I have to follow this very specific set of conditions to keep me locked in.

These are the tried and true methods that I’ve learned to use in order to focus well for long spans of time.

5 ways to stay focused for longer

Listen to lo-fi or 40hz sound

Proven to help focus and concentration. They work, trust me.

Make a scene (well, a quiet one)

Surround yourself with the things that bring you peace and put you in a relaxed, parasympathetic state.

  • Mid to low-lighting

  • A closed door

  • A warm room

  • A blanket (for me, this is key!)

Make a habit of it

Set up a consistent time every day or week that you can plan for it and prep yourself.

Put my phone in a different room

Shut the door, lock it away, and do whatever the f’ you need to do not to check it, hear it, or see it until you are done.

Don’t skip this step.

Drink H20

Nearly 73% of your brain is made up of water, so it goes without saying that staying hydrated is essential for maintaining optimal brain function and the ability to focus. Keep a tall glass of water next to you and drink it often.

It’s crazy how something with no color or flavor can taste so unbelievable when it’s the only refreshment you have around you.

Are there other strategies you’ve found that work well? Let me know!

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