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Deeper Meaning AI Prompt Journal

Say No To
Feeling Stuck!

If you are anything like me, you have journaled the crap out of a billion paper journals and may have driven your closest friends a little crazy in trying to work through your deepest struggles. But, to no real avail.

This year, I changed my game! I use ChatGPT and AI tools regularly to help me synthesize data and provide information. So, why not have it do all of that for my thoughts and feelings?

Well, fortunately, now with the right prompts, you can have more focused journal entries and, for the first time ever, get really deep insights into you, like:

  • What are common themes in my writing?

  • What are my most frequent feelings? 

  • Where do I keep getting hung up or stuck?

  • What are things I'm writing about but not seeing?

I built the Deeper Meaning AI Prompt Journal as a new way to achieve new levels of personal growth and development and I'm so excited to share it with you!

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Calling Your Inner Rebel

If you've been feeling unmotivated, down, and disenchanted with your current work/life balance, this is your opportunity to get a refreshed perspective and finally get unstuck. It might seem like there is no way out, but there is! The first step is waiting right here for you!

This Guide Includes

This Journal Includes

Daily Morning Journal Prompts

Wake up, get a coffee, and prompt ChatGPT to ask you a set of thought-provoking and check-in questions to help you consider the state of your mind, your body, and your day.

Daily Evening Journal Prompts

Wind down with a daily evening check-in with ChatGPT. Answer quick questions about your day and contemplate where you, where you were and where you want to go tomorrow.

Monthly Journal Analysis Prompts

At the end of the month, run a quick prompt to have ChatGPT review all of your journal entries. Watch it identify trends, themes, areas of focus, and solidified hopes & and aspirations.

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Just $15!

Grab Your Lifetime Prompt Journal!

Why wait? You've been wanting to embark on this life-changing, purpose-led journey for a looong time. Give yourself the gift of clarity once and for all!

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